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    Client Segmentation

    Strategic segmentation of prospects leads to better conversion rates and more deals. See how you can connect with potential clients at the times they're most likely to need your services.



    The First Meeting

    The purpose of the first meeting is to build momentum and understand your prospect's needs. Discover how you can use technology to build a strong relationship and keep the deal moving.


    Understand Your Subject

    You need to know your client and the property inside and out before you make the pitch. It’s your biggest opportunity to set yourself apart and win their business—and Apto has everything you need to make it happen. 

    Don't Compromise on Comps

    Learn why comps matter to commercial real estate brokers—and how you can build your own database to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to clients.

    Marketing and Showings

    Market the deal you've won with the database you already have. Learn how to increase your chances of success by starting with a qualified list of potential buyers or tenants.

    Apto Overview

    Get a quick review of our technology and learn why thousands of brokers rely on Apto to win new business, build relationships and close deals.


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