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    Eric Robison, Senior Vice President of the Capital Markets Group, has been with Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer for 15 years. He manages both Thalhimer’s Richmond brokerage team and their capital markets team, which has been involved in the most significant investment transactions in the market over the past few years. Eric’s total career transactions are valued at more than $1 billion.

    I manage two teams at Thalhimer: the brokerage team, which is comprised of about forty brokers, and the capital markets team, which is comprised of four brokers, one analyst, one client coordinator, and a design team. That’s a lot of business to keep track of and a lot of small details that could slip through the cracks.

    I used to use RE Analytics to manage my business. However, it wasn’t meeting my needs and I wanted something more encompassing. I wanted a CRM solution for brokers to use on a daily basis to manage current and prospective clients, as well as something to track the business as a whole. Apto fit the bill for both.

    Today, I’m in Apto all day every day and it has helped me tremendously from a management perspective. Apto gives me a view into how each team member is performing, where they need help, or where they are falling short on goals. I can track my team’s pipeline, gross commissions, and other results for the whole office. I didn’t have that kind of visibility before.

    "We’re sending the right material to the right people, and it makes us look smarter and keeps prospective clients more engaged with our company."

    Apto also allows me to track more deal-specific details. There are eight reports that we compile into one dashboard, and it gives us a real-time look into expired leases and listings for example. It reminds us when to follow up with existing clients or prospects so we don’t miss out on opportunities for new business. Apto is a huge time saver; it’s how we start and end our days.

    If I think of a specific use case where Apto has really added value to our business, it’s the ability to create groups for investors. When we talk to people that may have an interest in a particular sector of the business, we categorize it. Then, the marketing team takes that list of people and sends them relevant communications. As a result, our email opt out rate has been significantly lower. We’re sending the right material to the right people, and it makes us look smarter and keeps prospective clients more engaged with our company.

    Overall, we’re really happy with Apto. If anything, we could be using it even more than we do now. Since purchasing Apto, we’ve been even more successful.


    Eric Robison

    Senior Vice President

    cushmand wakefield thalhimer

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